Financial Services for your Portfolio Companies

We help angels, VCs, and PE firms improve the financial infrastructure of their portfolio by providing companies with timely, accurate and comprehensive financial reporting, management dashboards and board reporting for their portfolio companies.

Outsourced financial services that benefit companies and their investors.

Founders tend to be marketing geniuses or product savants. The best founding teams have both. Startup accounting and finance isn’t rocket science, but shouldn’t your founders be focused on high value functions like product development and revenue generating tasks? Let us help run a tight finance and accounting team to support their journey.

Stop chasing founders for investor reporting.

We all know that founders are busy. We can help take some of the workload off their plate so they can spend a few more minutes with family and get some occasional rest. We know they’ll thank you for it and you’ll likely see better performance.

Add value to your portfolio companies by introducing them to Mighty.

Founders are often looking for smart money. They don’t simply want a check. Founders prefer to partner with investors that can help make meaningful introductions. Introduce us and we’ll make your founders happy. They will be grateful, and you’ll look like a hero.

Investors trust us with their accounting

Get peace of mind around your finances.


Hiring a bookkeeper is a time-consuming process for young companies that likely doesn’t make sense early on, let us hit the ground running from day one.

Controller Services

Don’t let your founders waste time trying to gather and analyze financials, we can optimize the entire month-end process.

CFO Services

Allow your portfolio founders to focus on growing their business while we provide expert advice in areas they aren’t well-versed in.

Accounting Services

Special projects pop up that you need to bring in a key resource to help get it done, save time and money by avoiding hiring efforts and bring in our expertise instead.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Think short and long-term, our on-staff experts can develop a growth plan so that you’re founders know exactly the plan of execution.

We provide valuable financial insight for your investment.