How To Manage a Startup Runway

How To Manage A Startup Runway Launching and running a startup is a thrilling journey filled with excitement and challenges. One of the critical elements to consider during this venture is managing the startup runway. Effectively managing your runway can be the difference between the success and failure of your business. This guide will provide […]

Best Business Credit Cards for Startups: 8 Top Picks To Consider

Starting a business involves managing finances effectively, and having a reliable business credit card can be a valuable tool in your entrepreneurial journey. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best business credit cards for startups to consider. These top picks offer attractive benefits, reward programs, and financial flexibility to meet the unique needs of […]

Choosing the Best Banks for Startups

Welcome, visionary entrepreneurs and aspiring startup leaders! Prepare to make strategic financial decisions that set your business on the path to success. This comprehensive guide reveals the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect bank for your startup. Discover the power of transparent fees, attractive introductory offers, and seamless convenience. Dive into a world […]

Pitch Deck Examples That Raised Millions: Learn From Successful Startups

Pitch decks have become integral in attracting investments for startups, and here’s your ultimate guide to crafting compelling pitch decks that captivate investors and pave the way for startup success. Delve into the world of influential pitch deck examples from top-performing startups, dissect their winning formulas, and gain invaluable insights to elevate your presentation skills. […]

Board Reporting Tips and Best Practices

As a founder and executive, you know how crucial it is to keep your board members informed and engaged with the organization’s progress. However, creating an effective report to the board conveying the necessary information and insights can take time and effort.  Fear not, as we’ve compiled some of the best board reporting tips and […]

How to calculate Runway for your Startup

What is runway? If you’re the founder of a startup, managing runway is always on your mind. It’s a question you hear all the time, from investors, colleagues, and likely yourself. Runway refers to how long you have until your company runs out of money if income and expenses remain steady. It’s called runway, because […]

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR): A Vital Metric for Startups

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is a crucial metric for SaaS startups to showcase predictable revenue to investors. However, early-stage startups often make mistakes in calculating ARR. Mighty Startup provides expert support to help founders interpret their ARR and make smart decisions for sustainable growth.