Outsourced Finance Services for CFOs

We help CFOs (both Full-Time and Fractional) with timely, accurate and comprehensive financial reporting, management dashboards and board reporting for their organizations.

Be the strategic thought partner your CEO needs.

You’re swamped with time consuming work that isn’t a direct value-add to the business. Bookkeeping, accounting, and closing your books are all vital but as a CFO, you have strategic initiatives that you should be spending your time on. Leverage a team that thinks like you so focus on what you do best.

Delegate and get out of the weeds.

Bookkeeping is key. You know that. However, you also know that spending too much time on it isn’t ideal. It should be handled by someone who:

  1. Enjoys getting into the weeds.
  2. Is efficient with QuickBooks and other accounting software.
  3. Creates separation of duties. You can review their work instead of double-checking your own.

Deliver more value.

Mighty is here to provide expert level accounting and financial services. We add direct, seamless value so you don’t have to conduct interviews, experience onboarding pains, or worry if you hired the right person.

Investors and founders trust us with their finances

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