Accounting For Founders

Get the bookkeeping, accounting and financial expertise every startup needs.

Real Founder Experience

Whether you are bootstrapping and want to maintain 100% ownership or raising venture capital and pushing to capture market share, we can help. Your goal could be to eventually exit and take some money off the table. Or you might want to raise another large round and build out your internal finance team internally. Let us get you there.

SaaS Accounting Services

In the dynamic world of SaaS, precise financial control is paramount, and our specialized services are designed to meet your every need. We understand the unique accounting needs of SaaS businesses, and we can help your company stay on top of its finances. With our expertise and support, rest assured that your financial reporting will be accurate, maintaining the trust of investors, customers, and other stakeholders.

Technically Trained Experts

You deserve a team of experts supporting you. In addition to our founder experience, we are technically trained. Our team of accounting and finance professionals have been in the industry dealing with the distinctive challenges that SaaS startups will face. That experience enables us to provide comprehensive advice rooted in industry-standards and smart practices that you can count on. We’ll calculate metrics like revenue recognition, COGs allocation, LTC:CAC, revenue retention, and burn rate to advise you and help you achieve your goals.

Our network is your network

By now you know you’re going to need an extensive network of supporters. From investors to service providers and relationships that may grow into future partnerships, you can never know too many of the right people. We’ve built quite a solid network ourselves over the years. Let us connect you with the good people and resources who will enable your business to flourish.

SaaS Founders trust us with their finance and accounting


Get peace of mind around your finances and accounting


Allow Mighty to build and maintain the essential foundation of your finances, while you focus on what you do best.

Controller Services

Improve your month end close cycle and optimize cash flow.

CFO Services

Outsource the issue of solving your complex financial difficulties, Mighty will provide you the insight and advice to make the right decisions faster.

Accounting Services

Whether you’re moving from cash to accrual basis accounting or working through your first financial statement audit, we’ve got your back.

Financial Planning & Analysis

We’ll help you plan for growth and analyze performance for better decision making

Grow your B2b SaaS business with Mighty CFO.