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We understand the CFO role is expansive. We are here to support you with specific requests from founding and executive teams, investors, and other stakeholders. We can help with applications for financing and are comfortable managing key relationships with banks, investors, auditors, tax teams, and more.

Fractional CFO Services


We know fundraising can be both daunting and a challenge. Let us support your efforts. We’ll help gather the data and materials you need to justify your case to assemble funds.

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Why your business needs a fractional CFO

A fractional CFO can be a vital asset for any small business, offering a range of essential benefits. They can grant small businesses access to high-level financial expertise without the hefty cost of hiring a full-time CFO, making it particularly advantageous for any business  operating with limited resources. Beyond cost-effectiveness, a fractional CFO plays a pivotal role in elevating a business’s financial management. They can offer valuable insights and recommendations to enhance people, processes, and technology, ultimately driving improved performance and desired outcomes. Furthermore, fractional CFOs excel at identifying and mitigating financial risks, such as cash flow issues, regulatory compliance challenges, and fraud prevention, bolstering the business’s financial stability. When a business ventures into complex financial transactions, like mergers and acquisitions, fundraising endeavors, or initial public offerings (IPOs), a fractional CFO provides invaluable guidance and expertise. These financial experts also contribute strategic financial planning and analysis, empowering businesses to scale, expand their operations, and make informed decisions for sustainable growth. In essence, a fractional CFO serves as a strategic partner, offering cost-effective, expert financial guidance that is essential for a business’s success and long-term viability.

Fractional CFO FAQs

  • US based company (foreign subsidiaries are okay!)
  • Comfortable working with our team virtually
  • Existing QBO account or willingness to migrate (we will help with the migration). *QBO is only required for our standard packages. Learn more here.
  • Named point of contact for categorization questions and access to data (could vary by department)

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